NBA Stats Exploration

Hello! This first chart I made explores all of the seasons in this dataset. I organized the stats by team and you can pick whichever statistic and season(s) you would like to compare. If you mouseover the dots you can see the player's name.

Next, I wanted to compare the best players in this era. So I selected the players who were top ten in average points, rebounds, or assists in the NBA over this time period (with at least 10 seasons played). Can you guess who the noodles are in these spaghetti charts? You can mouseover the noodles for the player name and/or click the checkbox below to show more detailed statistics of each chart.

Leading Scorers

Leading Rebounders

Leading Assisters

Filter by College

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Compare Your Favorite Players

Thanks for making it to the end! If you would like to see the code and data used to produce this page here is my Observable Notebook.